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Louisiana Girls Wrestling

Women's wrestling is growing fast, and nowhere faster than at the high school level.  The National Wrestling Coaches Association estimates that just over 8,600 girls competed on high school teams as of 2014. and that number is "soft."  Louisiana proves that as several Louisiana young ladies compete against boys in local and statewide competitions, but the Louisiana girls are not a part of the NWCA number.

California, Hawaii, Texas and Washington have state sanctioned girls wrestling programs with state championships.  The dedication of coaches, parents and most of all, high school athletes, that has propelled Louisiana high school wrestling to heights not dreamed of a decade ago can be used to foster girls programs first on a regional level and then on a statewide one, up to inclusion of girls wrestling as an LHSAA recognized sport.

Brittany Bates

The lessons learned from participating in wrestling are not gender specific.  The same mental and physical toughness required to compete on the mat will prove advantageous in the work place, at institutions of high learning and in general life requirements for both sexes.  Additionally, high school wrestling experience for girls can open new doors to collegiate academic and athletic opportunities.

Where it all started...
[Note: AJ may not have been the first school to put girls on the mat.  However, it appears they by far had the most female wrestlers.  More information is expected soon.]

 Acadiana, Belle Chasse, Destrehan, Doyline, Dutchtown, East Ascension, Istrouma and Thomas Jefferson high schools are expected to have girls on their 2014-5 wrestling rosters. 

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